Asia Centre and Indonesian Parliament’s Expert Agency Sign MoU

On 14 March 2022, Asia Centre and The Expertise Agency of The House of Representatives of The Republic of Indonesia signed a 5 year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Through the MoU, both organisations pledges to jointly undertake the publishing of research outputs, execute teaching and training programmes, develop course outlines and materials, and support each other to promote joint activities.

Built off of a few years of engagement between the two organisations, the MoU formalises the path for future collaborations and joint projects. The Expertise Agency first participated in Asia Centre’s 3rd International Conference on Businesses in Human Rights in 2018 through the discussion of building synergies with other national state institutions on human rights, and later attended Asia Centre’s 6th Conference in September 2021 as a panel partner. In February 2021, Asia Centre’s Dr. James Gomez and Nikula Evanty conducted an online training for the Agency’s staff on drafting policy papers for legislative agendas.

MoU Signing

The MOU ceremony was conducted over Zoom and attended by representatives of Asia Centre and The Expertise Agency. Welcome remarks were made by Dr. Inosentius Samsul, Head of the Expertise Agency of The Indonesian House of Representatives and Dr. James Gomez, Regional Director of Asia Centre. Dr. Samsul explained how Asia Centre’s international conferences would encourage “officials here to get along on an international scale,” and would help Indonesia capture developing international issues. Dr. Gomez reminded all present that the MoU was built on an ongoing relationship of a few years, and solidifies the long term partnership.

Nukila Evanty, an Advisory Board Member of Asia Centre, suggested collaborations on developing research outputs and training programmes to further talks on global issues. Agus Wijayanto of Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) mentioned the opportunity for future discussions on democracy and freedom of expression. Focusing on collaborations on the issue of business and human rights, Dr. Robin Ramcharan, Executive Director of Asia Centre, congratulated the two organisations on their official partnership.

The ceremony was widely reported on The Expertise Agency’s social media and website, highlighting the importance of the MoU. 

The Expertise Agency will be a panel partner in Asia Centre’s 7th International Conference on Freedom of Expression in Asia on 24-26 August 2022. Apart from the Conference, the two parties will explore other partnerships moving forward.

Stay tuned for future work and collaborations between Asia Centre and The Expertise Agency of The House of Representatives of The Republic of Indonesia. 

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