Research Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Asia Centre’s research. For inquiries about commissioning baseline studies, reports, policy briefs, project evaluations, conducting in-country field work, interviews and focus group discussions – reach out to us through

Read our recent publications: baseline studies, books, conference proceedings and UN submissions.


Why choose Asia Centre as your research partner?

We have a good track record of researching and publishing high-quality outputs for our partners. We are known for producing outputs in a timely manner that meets high research and ethical standards. The Centre has a team of qualified and experienced researchers who are well-versed in key topic areas related to democracy and human rights as well as the countries of the region.

Asia Centre works on the following topics:

  • ASEAN, Southeast Asia, East Asia
  • Human Rights
  • Freedom of Expression: Fake News / Hate Speech / Disinformation / Internet Freedoms
  • Media: Press Freedoms / Media Information Literacy / Media Ethics
  • Freedom of Religion and/or Belief
  • Democracy & Elections
  • Geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific region
  • Intellectual Property
  • Business and Human Rights
  • International Development/Aid 
  • National, Regional Politics 
  • Enforced Migration
  • Social Enterprise / Social Innovation
  • South China Sea