Protection of Human Rights in the Context of Peaceful Protests During Crisis Situations

Asia Centre contributed and is a co-sponsor of this joint submission: “Protection of Human Rights in the Context of  Peaceful Protests During Crisis Situations”, sent to the Special Rapporteur on the  Freedom of Assembly and of Association on 28 July 2021. The submission analyses the erosion of rights to peaceful assembly and related freedoms in Thailand in the context of the COVID-19-related emergency rule. Adding to curfews and restrictions to the freedom of movement, arbitrary arrests,  stringent bail conditions, and a lack of access to remedy are highlighted as putting at risk peaceful activists and protesters.

Internet Freedoms Under Threat in Timor-Leste

Asia Centre has made a submission to Timor-Leste’s 3rd Universal Periodic Review (UPR) cycle in November 2021, presenting recommendations related to 3 of Timor’s proposed draft laws that stand to affect internet freedoms – Draft Criminal Defamation Law (2020), Draft Cybercrime Bill (2021) and the Draft Data Privacy and Protection Law (2021). This UPR submission ‘Internet Freedoms Under Threat in Timor-Leste’ is informed by Asia Centre’s report, Timor-Leste: Internet Freedoms Under Threat, published on 14 July 2021. 

Internet Shutdowns in Myanmar

Asia Centre submitted, “Internet Shutdowns in Myanmar”, to the Southeast Asia People- to-People Region Hall on the Political Crisis in Myanmar on 8 April 2021. This input, along with those of others, were integrated into the “Joint Declaration of the Southeast Asian People-to-People Region Hall on the Crisis in Myanmar” issued on the same day.

Human Rights Defenders and Fundamental Freedoms in Thailand

Asia Centre contributed and is a co-sponsor of this joint submission, “Human Rights Defenders and Fundamental Freedoms in Thailand”. The submission analyses fundamental freedoms in Thailand during its third UPR cycle from May 2016 until this submission’s date of 24 March 2021. It focuses on human rights defenders (HRDs) ranging from first-time protesters through to seasoned human rights advocates. The submission details how fundamental freedoms have been eroded in Thailand, particularly under the COVID-19 related emergency rule.