“State lies hurt election integrity”

On 4th May 2023, Bangkok Post published an op-ed by Asia Centre’s regional director Dr. James Gomez, and Researcher Korbkusol Neelapaichit based on Asia Centre’s newest report “State-Sponsored Online Disinformation: Impact on Electoral Integrity in Thailand“. The op-ed titled “State lies hurt election integrity” points out to the presence of an ecosystem of domestic and foreign actors that contribute to the creation and endorsement of disinformation campaigns in Thailand, and how this is expected to impact the upcoming general election, scheduled for May 14, significantly, and is also predicted to influence Thai politics thereafter.

“Internet freedom an important human right”

On 17 January 2023, an op-ed by Dr James Gomez, Asia Centre’s Regional Director, was published by The Malay Mail titled “Internet freedom an important human right”. In this article, Dr. Gomez argues that although Malaysian government ministers have articulated that access to the internet to access should be a human right, the right to freedom of expression over the internet after gaining access to the internet is also equally important.

“Race, religion, and royalty to shape M’sian politics”

On 17 January 2023, The Vibes published an op-ed by Dr. James Gomez based on Asia Centre’s new report Internet Freedoms in Malaysia: Regulating Online Discourse on Race, Religion and Royalty.” In the op-ed Dr. Gomez forecasts that the 3Rs will remain a dominant force in shaping the politics of the country post-GE15.