Asia Centre’s Interviews 2022

Strengthening the media ecosystem against political disinformation

Dr. James Gomez, Regional Director, Asia Centre, was interviewed in a podcast episode ‘Strengthening the media ecosystem against political disinformation’ by BFM Radio Malaysia. Based on the key findings and recommendations from Asia Centre’s report Youth and Disinformation in Malaysia: Strengthening Electoral Integrity, Dr. Gomez discussed the upcoming Malaysian general election, the youth voting bloc’s role and the trend of political and electoral disinformation that would undermine the country’s electoral integrity.

Regional effort urged on Myanmar

Dr. James Gomez, Regional Director, Asia Centre, was asked for input for a China Daily article “Regional effort urged on Myanmar” published on 11 July 2022. Discussing Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s remarks for ASEAN to encourage Myanmar to pursue political reconciliation and restart democratic transition, Dr. Gomez said there has not been significant progress in this regard. He also said that the Cambodian ASEAN special envoy may not achieve anything else substantive given Cambodia’s term as ASEAN chair will soon end in November.

Thailand’s simmering political discontent

In a podcast series “Ear to Asia“, produced by the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia, Dr. James Gomez, Regional Director of Asia Centre, was interviewed on the growing political discontent among Thais evident by the youth-led protests and call for political reforms. Dr. Gomez said that in response, the government has quelled critics by restricting and monitoring internet use, and by ramping up enforcement of lèse-majesté laws. 

Censorship of Hollywood Blockbuster Films Intensifies in China

In an article by Ralph Jennings of Voice of America (VOA) published on 4 May 2022, Dr. James Gomez was interviewed for his opinion about how China aims to shape the global narrative about itself. He said, China’s action to censor films depicting element undesirable to it is part of its attempt to have its views be resonated worldwide. 


A Very Long Resistance in Myanmar?

BFM Radio Malaysia