Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Asia Centre.

Asia Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that was first established in Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok in 2015. A second branch was initiated in Johor Bahru, Malaysia in 2018. It serves as a think-tank, meeting space, project partner and social enterprise.

To create social impact through its activities on issues affecting the region.

It organises events such as seminars, roundtables and conferences and undertakes research which are disseminated via books, commentaries, reports and social media.

Asia Centre nurtures a culture of giving among its staff, volunteers, interns, advisers, associates and participants with the conviction that its activities can bring together people to create social impact.  

The Centre works with a range of project partners and these include educational institutions, research institutes, nongovernmental organizations, governmental institutions, intergovernmental organizations and businesses.

Asia Centre uses a mixed approach that draws from the social enterprise, social business, grants and philanthropic models to resource its activities.

You can work with us by partnering on activities, projects and services, undertaking an internship and by volunteering. Send an email to contact@asiacentre.org

You can support the Centre through core funding, investment, sponsorship (institutional or project-based), donations, volunteering, promoting and attending our events and buying our merchandise. You can also purchase our publications from our bookstore at Asia Centre.

You can connect with Asia Centre through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. You can also join our mailing list by sending an email request to contact@asiacentre.org.

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