Call for Chapter Proposals

Call for Chapter Proposals

Fake News and Elections in South Asia


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South Asia has not been spared the scourge of fake news that has spread globally in the social media era. Strategic exploitation of fake news negatively affects fact-based democratic discourse and the conduct of elections, the most basic indicator of governmental legitimacy. At election-time disinformation and misinformation exact a toll on democracy, especially in contexts of low-literacy.

The central theme of this book is on disinformation, fake news, hoaxes and foreign influence operations immediately prior to and during elections that have taken place in South Asia since 2016. The key question being addressed is whether the different types of fake news had an impact on voter behaviour, candidates’ policy positions, the electoral results and the politics of identity in each country.

Chapters on the respective South Asian countries probe the following specifically: the digital, legal and political landscape; specific disinformation campaigns and/or influence operations against politicians or groups; strategies, tools, and information infrastructures used to do so;  and the electoral/political impact of such disinformation or influence operations. Each author grounds their work in relevant theoretical frameworks and social science methodologies.

Asia Centre invites high quality proposals for chapters of a forthcoming book on Fake News and Elections in South Asia. Interested authors may submit a title, an abstract of 300 words (max), 5 keywords and a bio of 100 words (max) per author for consideration. See sample.

Submit your abstracts to Mr. Yawee Butrkrawee at 

Submission deadline: 30 June 2020

Selected chapter proposals will be invited to submit a full chapter of 6000-8000 words. Each chapter submission will incur an editorial fee of USD$300. Click here for more details.

Editors: James Gomez and Robin Ramcharan

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