The education programme offers specially designed curricula for students to take part in academic, cultural and professional exchanges abroad. It includes in-class instruction, educational trips to local universities as well as site visits to professional and community establishments. Asia Centre aims to equip students with a holistic overview of the world and to better prepare them for global citizenship.

  • Programme Structure

The programme offers specialised courses within a suite of programmes on Asian culture and international studies, business and entrepreneurship, development and the nonprofit sector, media and communications and others. Individual courses within the programmes can be designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Courses can be structured as credit-bearing courses to meet the transferability of credit and the curriculum requirements of students’ home institutions. Specialised courses can also be run as non-credit bearing courses. Each programme typically can run for between 1 to 4 weeks. Courses are run on-demand.

  • Teaching Methods

Asia Centre employs a mixture of lectures, discussions and practical applications, facilitated by noted academics and leading practitioners. Most of the instruction and advising will take place on-site at the Asia Centre’s facilities. This will be complemented by guest lectures at selected Bangkok-based universities, professional visits and experiential learning trips. Students will be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain through practical exercises, group work and assessments.

  • Programme Materials

The course outline will be delivered to students via email in advance of their arrival. Asia Centre will also provide e-learning material in the form of preparatory readings and notes, to give students an introduction and background to the topics that will be covered. We will also provide a supplementary reading list for students who wish to do some independent study on the topics covered in the course outline. The remaining course material such as copies of teaching presentations, handouts and worksheets will be given out at the start of the course. Students will be encouraged to take their own notes and to actively engage in class discussions and activities.