Why Vietnam Is Asking Other Asian Countries to Help Squelch Fake News”

On 1 October 2020, for the Voice of America News. Asia Centre’s, Dr. James Gomez, Identified that Southeast Asian governments normally counter false medical tips with correct information or “increase literacy”, … But when governments come under fire, he said, they tend to strike back against the purveyors of news.

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“Why the U.S. Elections Matter for Southeast Asia” 

On 11 September 2020, Asia Centre’s Dr. James Gomez, in the online portal, Cambodianess, explained, “The US has suffered brand damage,”… “So even if Biden comes in bringing with him a sense of multilateralism, respect for human rights and democratization, it will still take time.”

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“Solusi Atasi Ujaran Kebencian Memerlukan Pendekatan Multi-Stakeholder” – Solution to Overcome Hate Speech Requires a Multi-Stakeholder Approach.

Asia Centre’s hate speech report launch was discussed in Bahasa, in Surya Kepri – an online news portal. Read it here.

Hate speech in Southeast Asia on rise and evolving, says NGO”

On 23 July, “Hate Speech in Southeast Asia: New Forms, Old Rules” was covered in Malaysiakini, a Malaysian online news portal. Read the English article here.

“Perlu Pendekatan Baru Mengatasi Ujaran Kebencian di Asia Tenggara” – A New Approach is Needed to Overcome the Speech of Hate in Southeast Asia.

Asia Centre’s hate speech report launch was discussed and edited by Eddy Mesakh in Surya Yogya, an Indonesian news portal. Read the article here.

“아시아 내부 혐오 발언, 현명한 규제 ‘절실한 시점’ 왔다” – Hate speech in Asia: recommendations given at a pressing point in time.

Asia Centre’s report “Hate Speech in Southeast Asia: New Forms, Old Rules” was analysed by Jung Ho-jae from ASEAN Express. The article, published here, is a summary of the report release event held through Zoom on July 22nd.