Answers to the most frequently asked questions about interning with Asia Centre.

Applicants to Asia Centre’s Internship Programme start by filling in the form on the website and attaching their CV, an official letter of university enrollment and the photo page of the applicants passport (ID for Thai nationals only) and email to

Thai students and foreign students enrolled in Thailand based universities (with ED visa that covers the full period of the internship) in Thailand are eligible to apply. Foreign students abroad are also eligible to apply, following their acceptance, they would have to acquire an ED visa valid in Thailand to cover their internship period.

The programme seeks applicants with skills in these 5 focus areas: communications and media, digital design, event promotion and management, research and drafting and partnership development. Those who have experience in these areas, understand volunteerism and are passionate about human rights in Asia are encouraged to apply.

You can expect to be assigned tasks which are connected to Asia Centre’s ongoing and upcoming projects which include events management, media and social engagement, research and drafting and communication with partner organisations. Keep in mind that due to the dynamic nature of the projects, interns would need to adapt and be flexible in their assigned tasks and responsibilities.

The Centre accepts interns for a period of 3 to 6 months. Priority is given to those who apply for 6 months and/or exclusively to Asia Centre.

No. Due to the nature of the projects, Asia Centre and its partners require onsite attendance at activities and meetings. Hence, the Centre only accepts interns who can be onsite and available full-time, and who are not engaged in other activities.

No. As the duration of the internship is short, that’s why interns have to be clear that they can commit to the duration indicated in the signed agreement. Sudden departures put projects at risk and must be avoided. If interns do not remain committed to the entire duration of their contract, the Centre reserves the right to annul the internship, the ED Visa, and levy an administrative fee.

The internship is non-remunerated. Applicants must ensure that they  have sufficient funds and support for travel, accommodation and daily living expenses.