James Gomez, Ph.D.

Dr. James Gomez is Chair, Board of Directors, Asia Centre. He provides strategic oversight for the development and regionalization of the Centre. Dr. Gomez currently oversees its operations in both Thailand and Malaysia and is leading the partnerships for the Centre’s many activities in other parts of the region. He represents the Centre in media and public speaking engagements and builds relationships with key stakeholders around the world. Dr. Gomez brings to Asia Centre over 25 years of international and regional experiences in leadership roles at universities, think-tanks, inter-governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations. 

Current Projects:

Book on Business and Human Rights: Holding Governments Accountable in Asia Forthcoming (Palgrave Macmillan)

Book on National Human Rights Institutions in Southeast Asia: Challenges of Protection

Forthcoming (Palgrave Macmillan)

Book on Rohingya Crisis: A Multi-dimensional Tragedy (international publisher)

Select Publications:

  • James Gomez and Robin Ramcharan “Assessing “Protection” In Southeast Asia: The Roles Of National Human Rights Institutions”, co-authored in Routledge Handbook of Human Rights in Asia, edited by Fernand de Varenne and Christie Gardiner, forthcoming 2017
  • “Mapping Competing Discourses: The Protection of Human Rights in Southeast Asia”, Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Vol 33, No 4, 2015. (with Robin Ramcharan)
  • James Gomez and Robin Ramcharan, Editors, special edition of Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs on “Democracy and Human Rights in Southeast Asia,” No.3, 2014, German Institute of Global and Area Studies
  • Gomez, James & Ramcharan, Robin, “The Protection Roles of National Human Rights Institutions in ASEAN”, 2nd International Conference on Asian Studies, 18-19 February 2013, Wailailuk University, Thailand.
  • James Gomez and Robin Ramcharan,“The Protection Of Human Rights In Southeast Asia: Improving The Effectiveness Of Civil Society,”, in Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law (2) (2012) 27-43
  • Democracy promotion in Asia: emerging policy trends, Keio Journal of Politics (14) Keio University Press (2009).
  • International NGOS: Filling the civil society “gap” in Singapore. (2005) Sojourn: Special Focus on “Democracy and Civil Society: NGO Politics in Singapore. 20 (2) (Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore). Pp.177-207.
  • “Democracy and Civil Society: NGO Politics in Singapore”, SOJOURN (2005) 20 (2). (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore)


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