Asia Centre is a social enterprise that seeks to improve the lives of people in the region through innovative and collaborative partnerships. It serves as a think-tank, regional hub, project partner and meeting space.

  • Think-Tank

Asia Centre undertakes independent, evidence-based policy research on critical issues affecting the region. The Centre convenes conferences, seminars and workshops  to discuss these issues and communicates policy advice through commentaries in the media and publications.

  • Regional Hub

Asia Centre harnesses its strategic location and strong international networks to convene activities to deliberate on issues from a regional perspective. It serves as hub for academic and civil society to network and forge linkages.

Asia Centre works with partners to develop programs, implement projects, and convene activities  that serve to, inter alia, extend the partner’s reach across the region.

Asia Centre provides an affordable boutique space in central Bangkok, ideal for meetings, conferences and networking activities.


The Asia Centre’s work is guided by three groups of people comprising of the Advisory Board, Centre Associates and the Management Team. The Advisory Board is made up of a panel of international academics that provide advice on the strategic direction of the Centre’s programmes. Centre Associates are experts in their field of specialty, whom the Centre draws on to execute or deliver selected activities. The day to day operations of the Centre are handled by the Management Team.

Download ASIA Centre Activities Reports

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ASIA Centre Activities Report 2017